Week 12 - Apr 9

Final exam review & any help I can offer for you assignment completion.

Week 11 - Apr 2

Application glue today ... how do we influence service/API behaviour?

No lab to submit - you want to start assignment 2!
We need to talk about assignment 2, to boot!!

Update: Last year's exam has been posted to the content section on D2L.

Update: the assignment details have been nailed down, per our discussion in class Apr 2.

Week 10 - Mar 26

Transport glue is the topic of the week.

Presentation & lab below :)

Week 9 - Mar 19

(Yes, the week numbers are a bit messed up, with spring break and the earlier snow day.)

Week 8 - Mar 5

We're going to take a look at document databases today, and will have time for any last minute lab 5 assistance.

Week 7 - Feb 26

Entities- who needs them?

Update: This is the repo we built in class today, as far as we got. I will complete it later this evening, and maybe tidy it up a bit so I am not as embarrassed by the UI (or lack thereof).

Week 6 (real) - Feb 21

Models, models, models

"Office Hours"

Some of you were asking about office hour availability, as our schedules don't seem to mesh well. I am happy to set up a D2L virtual classroom instance, or a zoom video conference, to answer any questions. This can be done at a mutually agreeable time.


Lesson intro00 Course Introduction |
Lesson intro01 Introduction |
Lab lab00 Team Introduction |
Lab lab01 Development Environment |
Tutorial setup01 XAMPP Installation |
Tutorial setup02 Virtual Hosting Setup |
Lesson dev01 Devops Workflow Concepts |
Lab lab02 Collaborative Workflow |
Lab lab02faq Some lab notes |
Lesson seminar03 CodeIgniter Introduction |
Lab lab03 CodeIgniter Project Introduction |
Lesson controllers CI Controllers |
Lesson routing Routing |
Lab lab04 Working With Controllers & Routing |
Lesson xml_json X M L & J S O N |
Github xml XML Examples
Github example-simplexml SimpleXML Examples
Lab lab06 A Taste of XML |
Lesson net01 Transport glue |
Lesson net02 Traditional emitting HTTP requests |
Lesson net03 CodeIgniter 4 emitting HTTP requests |
Lab lab07 Transport glue |
Lesson intro02 Golden Rules |
Tutorial setup03 PHP Comparison to Java |
Lesson dev03 Gitflow Setup Example |
Lesson dev04 Gitting Good - Best Practices |
Lesson xml04 Converting between XML and JSON |
Lesson basic01-other Other MVC Framework Examples |
Lesson other-controllers Controller examples from other frameworks |
Lesson other-routing Routing examples from other frameworks |
Lesson other-rest REST examples from other frameworks |
Lesson other-models Model examples from other frameworks |
Lesson other-views View examples from other frameworks |
Lesson other-forms Form examples from other frameworks |

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Jim Parry
Office: DTC-617
Online collaboration: zoom conferences as needed.

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