Final exam
The final exam & solution (both variations) have been posted on D2L.

There were a few questions about the solution, with the following results:

Question OOO#37 and XXX#2 have an incorrect answer. The correct one should be "c" for OOO and "b" for XXX. This answer is the only well-formed XML.

Question #56 for both OOO and XXX was incorrectly worded - the closing <cast> should have read </cast>. The question contained invalid XML, and would not have resulted in a SimpleXMLElement :( I will remove that question altogether.


Lesson intro00 Course Introduction |
Lesson intro01 Introduction |
Lab lab01 Development Environment |
Tutorial setup01 XAMPP Installation |
Tutorial setup02 Virtual Hosting Setup |
Lesson basic01 MVC Frameworks |
Lesson dev01 Devops Workflow Concepts |
Lab lab02 Collaborative Workflow |
Lesson week02 Survey results - MVC & workflow |
Lesson basic01-ci CodeIgniter Overview |
Lab lab03 Website Conversion |
Tutorial ci-basic01 Static to Trivial CI Website Conversion |
Tutorial ci-basic02 Trivial CI to Basic CI Website Conversion |
Tutorial ci-basic03 Basic CI to Good CI Website Conversion |
Lesson basic02 CI Controllers |
Lesson basic06 Routing |
Lab lab04 Working With Controllers & Routing |
Lesson week04 Survey results - signing |
Lesson basic03 CodeIgniter Models (Practical) |
Lesson basic03-more Model Patterns (Concepts) |
Lesson basic68 Models in a Nutshell |
Lesson basic04-basics View Basics |
Github views Examples to support "views" lessons
Lesson basic69 Views in a Nutshell |
Lab lab05 Todo List Manager |
Tutorial ci-todo01 Database and models |
Tutorial ci-todo02 Homepage Features |
Tutorial ci-todo03 Ordered List Page Features |
Tutorial ci-todo04 Maintenance List |
Tutorial ci-todo05 Help Wanted Page Features |
Lesson basic04-forms Creating Forms |
Lesson basic04-handling Handling Form Data |
Lesson view-practices View best practices? |
Lab lab06 Building Out Our TODO List Manager |
Tutorial ci-todo06 Pagination |
Tutorial ci-todo07 User Roles |
Tutorial ci-todo08 Provide for Completing Work |
Tutorial ci-todo09 Role-specific Maintenance List |
Tutorial ci-todo10 Todo Item Maintenance (finally) |
Tutorial ci-todo11 Polish the Item Maintenance |
Lesson basic05 Building on CodeIgniter |
Lesson basic05b Example Library & Helper |
Lab lab07 Unit testing for our Todo list manager |
Tutorial ci-unit Unit Testing Primer |
Lesson data02 J S O N |
Github xml XML Examples
Github example-simplexml SimpleXML Examples
Lab lab08 A Taste of XML |
Lab lab08faq Helpful notes for the lab |
Lesson final Final Exam Review |
Lab lab09 EXAMPLE: RESTish with Authentication |
Tutorial tut-adv02 Making Our RESTful Server |
Tutorial tut-adv03 Making Our RESTful Client |
Tutorial tut-adv01 Authentication |
Lesson intro02 Golden Rules |
Tutorial setup03 PHP Comparison to Java |
Lesson dev02 Gitflow Workflow Techniques |
Lesson dev03 Gitflow Setup Example |
Lesson dev04 Gitting Good |
Lesson marking Marking Process |
Lesson basic01-other Other MVC Framework Examples |
Lesson other-routing Routing examples from other frameworks |
Lesson other-models Model examples from other frameworks |
Lesson other-controllers Controller examples from other frameworks |
Lesson other-views View examples from other frameworks |
Lesson other-forms Form examples from other frameworks |
Lesson other-rest REST examples from other frameworks |
Lesson unit-testing More about unit testing |
Lesson basic07 Advanced Routing |
Lesson basic04-leftovers Other Form Techniques |
Lesson xml01 XML Basics (Optional Refresher) |
Lesson xml02 Constraining XML (Optional) |
Lesson xml04 Data Representation Conversions |
Lesson net02 Emitting HTTP requests |
Github xml XML-RPC Examples
Lesson advanced01 Authentication Principles |

Course Instructors

Jim Parry
Online collaboration; announced first class.
In office meeting can be requested Tue 12:30-14:20 or Wed 09:30-10:20 or 12:30-13:20 (SW2-124)

Michal Aibin
Online collaboration; announced first class.
In office meeting can be requested Thu (12:30-13:20) in Burnaby (room TBA).

Arron Ferguson
Online collaboration; announced first class.
In office meeting can be requested ....

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